• Accident and injury

    All aspects including: slip, trip, fall, playground safety issues, accident reconstruction, amusement parks, commercial & industrial accidents, product liability & transportation design.
  • Business and finance experts

    All aspects including advertising, annuities, appraisals, business valuation, business forecasting, marketing, financial matters, business law, bankruptcy & white collar crime.
  • Construction Industry Experts

    All aspects including:: planning & scheduling, construction equipment, construction codes & compliance, estimates & bidding, mapping & surveying, zoning.
  • Engineering Experts

    All aspects including: general engineering: air quality engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, soils engineering, & water engineering.
  • Environmental Experts

    All aspects including: asbestos, aerosols, corrosion, geochemistry, hazardous waste, hydrology, lead poisoning, lubricants, pollution & nuclear environmental expertise.
  • Human Resources Experts

    All aspects including: discrimination, employee safety, labor laws, labor unions, employee safety, sexual harassment, wrongful termination & employee benefits.
  • Insurance Industry Experts

    All aspects including: bad faith, casualty insurance, claims, coverage, disability, hospital liability, managed care, HMO, commercial liability, life insurance, reinsurance, risk management & subrogation.
  • Investigation and Forensic Experts

    All aspects including: private investigators & investigation agencies, forensic anthropology, DNA, evidence, dental impressions, fingerprinting, footprints, gangs, forensic accounting & crime scene investigations.
  • Law Enforcement Experts

    All aspects including: correctional facilities, crime prediction, crime scene analysis, evidence handling, emergency communications, informants, security management, surveillance & terrorism.
  • Law Experts

    All aspects including: legal malpractice, arbitration, mediators, class actions, contracts, intellectual property, international law, patents, probate law, structured settlements, trademarks, trusts & estates.
  • Medical Experts

    All aspects including: medical malpractice, medical practices & procedures, alternative medicine & therapies, pharmacological medicine, pathology, & medical treatment.
  • Real Estate Experts

    All aspects including: agents, brokers, damages, finance, commercial, real estate malpractice, eminent domain, home inspections, manufactured homes, surveying, zoning & land use.
  • Technology and Internet Experts

    All aspects including: networks, broadband, computer security, information technology, privacy & security, digital publishing, digital music, data backup & computer forensics.